Last November, while watching the results of the most influential presidential race of all time, I opened up Snapchat and swiped left to view my story feed, which offered me a glimpse of what all my friends were doing at the moment. 


Remarkably, just about every one of my friends on Snapchat was watching the results, just like me. 


I had never seen anything like it! 


Not even on Super Bowl Sunday was this much of Generation Edge attention captured. This election was obviously where everyone’s focus was.  


Obviously, most Generation Edger’s are not even allowed to take part in the voting process! So, why was almost all of Generation Edge tuned into something that had actual intellectual value? Or at least was supposed to have it……


The truth is, Generation Edge has had more access to political news and drama than any other generation. We are attracted to competition which is why we find presidential races entertaining. Because of these traits, we look at these major political events like we look at some of the most engrossing and captivating sporting events.  It’s like March Madness, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, and the NBA Finals put together.


Yes, Generation Edgers are constantly criticized for our short attention spans and lack of interest in real world issues. This criticism is not always true, although it obviously can be. However, it is true that we talk about who posted what on Instagram, and vent constantly as a form of communication and social interaction. 


That being said, it is very impressive that the social media response to a presidential election was larger than a response from the Super Bowl. 


This shows that Generation Edge may be one of the first to realize that being “smart” and being “cool” don’t have to be polar opposites. Just take a look at a Generation Edge Instagram. It’s as if every caption is either a poem or an inspirational quote!


If you look at the Generation Edgers around you, you’ll notice that the definition of ‘cool’ has become far more sophisticated than previously thought.