The most recent worldwide sporting extravaganza was dubbed the “money fight”. This boxing match between legendary, undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather and loud-mouthed UFC champion Conor McGregor came to the forefront of our lives just a week ago. 

This fight marked the first time that boxing had been considered a must-see for Generation Z all over the world. By any measure of statistic, the sport of boxing is dying. With television viewership down, endorsements nowhere to be found, and significantly fewer parents willing to send their kids to take boxing lessons, the sport has a dim future - and not much of a present. 

So, how did this seemingly extinct sport make millions from Generation Zs across the country? The answer lies in three words - Social. Media. Marketing.

Two years ago, Floyd Mayweather, then sitting at 48-0, took on the prolific and world-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao. This fight was labeled ‘fight of the century’. And while both fighters made millions off of the fight, it was nothing compared to the recent bout. 

Why was this? Because Generation Z was not involved, nor engaged. As Mayweather defeated McGregor, over 6 million people tuned in. An estimated 2 million viewers, nearly 1/3 of the estimated viewership from the fight, was made up of Generation Z - A testament to our power in the marketplace.

What can we learn? If the promoters of the Mayweather - McGregor fight were able to create an event that brought in over $500M in one night, businesses can follow suit. By effectively using Social Media, businesses have the ability to gain access to one of society’s most sought after consumer demographics. While effectively engaging the platforms of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, the opportunities are endless when promoting your brand. 

Businesses with something to sell. Businesses looking for a relationship with Generation Z. Businesses looking to sell an older product to a younger client. Engage us. Interest us. Reach out to us, promote to us, and most of all, captivate us. Mayweather vs. McGregor was so much more than your average boxing bout. It was one of the first times in our Generation’s history in which we saw the true power of social media marketing - and it was quite a sight to see.

Written by David Bix, edited by Josh Miller