Josh Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Miller is a 17 year-old student, entrepreneur, and thought leader always looking for the next big opportunity. He has spoken in front of some of the powerful leaders in the business world, been mentored by top executives, and consulted with Fortune 500 companies. His work has been featured in prominent national publications. Equipped with a passion around leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, Miller founded Deciding Edge with the mission of creating a platform for organizations to better understand how to recruit, retain, and sell to Generation Z. He also serves as the Director of Gen Z Studies at XYZ University. He is currently a senior at Maple Grove Senior High School. As a regular 17 year-old, he enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and spending time with friends and family. He is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota but will soon be attending college. Where, you ask? He doesn’t even know yet, but has become very good at answering that question in an extremely vague manner :)



Josh Miller excels at educating clients through keynote presentations, workshops and webinars/virtual seminars. His presentations resonate with audiences that want to learn how to engage today’s students and young professionals, and glean valuable insights into future workforce and marketing trends.